Updated Speaker List for Ignite Waterloo 9 at PI

We are just days away from Ignite Waterloo 9! You’ve been waiting very patiently to find out what amazing talks we’ll have on June 12 at the Perimeter Institute and now the wait is over! We are proud to announce our eclectic mix of speakers for Ignite Waterloo 9!! Hopefully you have your tickets. The list is subject to change but here’s who you can expect to grace the stage:

  • Aaron Male: “Potable Local Passion”
  • Farina Situmorang: “A Solid ‘Be’ Effort: “Confessions of a City Girl Trapped in KW”
  • Gary Askin: “The War on Drugs and other Disasters”
  • Richard Holmes : “Becoming the person you would like”
  • Jack Lazarski Parkinson: “My Little Pony: “Not just for your daughter any more!”
  • Ryan Huckle: “Why You (Probably) Won’t Be A Hero”
  • Damian Pope “Outreach at Perimeter”
  • Jacqui Terry: “Perspectives from Africa”
Intermission and Contest
  • Gord Tanner: “Recognizing Inflection”
  • Trent Tucker: “Everything I needed to know about teaching I learned from CBC…”
  • Nicholas Wu: “What a goose taught me about Social Media”
  • Jaymis Goertz: “The Zen of Gardening or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Embrace Chaos”
  • Jason Hammond: “Getting to 5% car ownership in 5 years”
  • Stephanie Rozek: “That’s How the Light Gets In”
  • Matt Lantz: “Why grey matters”

Doors to the Perimeter Institute open at 7:30pm. Be sure to get there early for networking and general merriment! The event officially begins at 8:00pm.

After the last Ignite Waterloo event, our attendees were so incredibly inspired and motivated that they wanted to find a place to keep talking and share ideas. So for Ignite Waterloo 9, we’ll be hosting an official after party at the Black Hole Bistro right inside the Perimeter Institute for all of the attendees. So please feel free to stick around after the event and chat with your fellow Ignite Waterloo attendees! The after party is scheduled to begin right after the event at 10:30pm.

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